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"I am honored to have been called to walk the road of a Traditional Midwife. What an amazing walk it has been, an honor to be asked to be a part of a most precious and intimate time in a family's journey. So precious to see the eyes of a new mother fill with love and tears of joy as she looks at her amazing newborn. To see her inner spirit and strength grow because of what she has done is so powerful. From there, the power of that love spreads to all those around her. A family is created."

What is a midwife?

The term midwife, derived from the Anglo Saxon word, “mit wif”, meaning “with woman,” was first recorded in 1300. Written accounts dating to the 2nd century confirm the role of midwives in the birthing process.

Midwifery is quite possibily the oldest profession on the planet, as women have been helping women to give birth since the dawn of humankind.