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About Jeanne

My path to Traditional Midwifery began in 1973. At 17, having just graduated from high school, I took a trip to California. I spent the summer in a little town called Boulder Creek, which is on a mountain between San Jose and Santa Cruz. BEAUTIFUL it was. One day I walked into the book store in this little town and was drawn to a book on the rack. It was called "The Birth Book". I took it off the rack and sat down to look. It was full of pictures and stories of women giving birth at home. Now at 17 I was in no way thinking of babies, but I believe the seed was planted for a journey I was being called to embark upon. That summer taught me a lot. The rest of my story I am always ready to share with those that choose to contact me about my Traditional Midwifery services. This year marks the begining of my 35th year of helping families birth at home.

A little more about me. My husband Mike and I have been together since 1973. We have 4 children. Our first was born in a hospital because in 1975, here in Minnesota, I could not find a home birth midwife. His birth turned out to be an amazing one for the time. Our 3 daughters where born at home. We have 5 beautiful grandbabies. I have been blessed to be a part of each of thier births.

I have been a part of this birth community since 1978. A journey that has been blessed with helping to create what it is today. An honor it has been to be in the space of amazing women, as we all worked together to bring forward birth choices for Minnesota families. A work that is ongoing.

Here now I would like to share another story. My midwifery partner Jan passed away 14 years ago. An amazing woman she was! We grew up in our midwifery walk together, having shared that journey for over 18 yrs together. To this day I still miss her greatly, but I know she is always with me. The first year after she was gone I wondered how I was going to do this without her. But as always, my other midwife friends were there for me. It was then that I heard God's voice. Time to take on apprentices and teach them mine and Jan's skills and art of midwifery. Most important though, is to guide them as they grow with time and experience to understand the heart of the service of Traditional Midwifery.

With that said I would like you to meet Joanna.

My name is Joanna. My husband Chase and I have 4 children. Maverick (born and passed in 2006), Levi is almost 4, Ruth is almost 2 and little Shifra Eden was born Sept, 15, 2014. The last 3 being born at home. I would say my midwifery journey started back at the end of 2006. Since then I've known I wanted to be apart of helping women and their babies. However, it wasn't until I was pregnant with my son Levi that I realized what path I was meant to take. Jeanne was our midwife. She also heard my desire for helping with birth. She sent Chase and I to Jodi for our Childbirth Education classes. Jodi is also a doula. We became fast friends. I begin to learn more and attend some births as a doula. Now, I am so ecstatic that I get to have the wonderful experience of apprenticing, learning from Jeanne, Traditional Midwifery.

Joanna finished her apprenticeship with me in 2016. I asked her if she would like to continue walking this road with me, I was and am SO happy she said yes! So for now we continue to walk together, side by side, supporting birthing families!