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Services: Includes Waterbirth, Twins and VBAC

Prenatal Care

Pregnancy is an exciting and unique time in the life of a woman. Every woman should have access to a trusted care provider whenever concerns arise. We are available 24 hours a day so that you may feel safe, supported and honored during this life changing time.

We view pregnancy and childbirth as a normal, natural life event, which in most situations will proceed beautifully without intervention. Birth is a family-centered experience. We believe our role is to guide and support the process while enhancing the family's power of unity.

The path to an empowered pregnancy and birth is through informed choice. We will provide information and resources to assist you in making informed decisions about all of your pregnancy and birth needs. This includes information on nutrition, exercise, herbs, community resources, prenatal testing and newborn care.

A strong focus of our traditional midwifery care is building a relationship of trust and honesty. For this reason, all prenatal visits will last at least 45 min. This allows ample time for all family members, including the little ones, to feel comfortable and build a relationship with Jeanne and the apprentice who is chosen to be a part of the birth. During each prenatal visit the health and well-being of both mom and baby are assessed, as well as information sharing and plenty of time for questions. Visits occur monthly starting at 16 weeks until 28 weeks, then twice monthly until 36 weeks and weekly after until the birth. All prenatals are done in Jeanne's home except the 34th week homevisit. We so enjoy that visit as it is a time to make the drive to your home so we know how to get there when labor is happening. It is also a time to walk with you through your home and hear from you your vision of where you see the birth taking place. If there are others you have invited to your birth, this is a good time to meet them. Always know your prenatals are yours. You are welcome to bring anyone to meet us.

Birth and Postpartum Care

The much awaited day has come! Having been in contact, we come to you when you are ready. We will enter quietly into your space, taking note of your needs. This may be constant physical and emotional support or leaving you to labor in privacy. We listen to the baby and stay aware as the natural process unfolds, guiding as necessary. We strongly encourage fathers/co-parents to take an active role--even catching their baby if they desire. We do not clamp the cord until done pulsating and are patient for the placenta. A thorough newborn exam is performed next to you, so you and your baby will not be separated. We remain for several hours after the birth to make a meal, start laundry, do an entire clean up. We also continue assessing mom and baby. We ensure that both mom and baby are well and the entire family is settled before we leave.

Complications are rare, but if there is a situation that begins to develop it is addressed skillfully at home or transported to an area hospital as necessary. Within our traditional skills we use herbal and homeopathic remedies, but also carry emergency equipment/pharmaceuticals for hemorrhage and newborn resuscitation. If transport becomes necessary we will remain by your side, doing our best to honor the wishes of your transport plan we prenatally talked about.

The postpartum time for a new mother is so important. Prenatally we spent alot of time talking about how to prepare for this amazing time. Postpartum home visits occur on day one, day three, and day seven. If you are a first time mom we will come back again at two weeks and have you return to Jeanne's home at four and six weeks. If you are a mom who has birthed before we have you return to Jeanne's home at the third and sixth week. Now truly that is not set in stone, we are always there for you. Lots of phone calls or visits if needed, A nursing issue, we are right there for you. Nothing is more heart warming than to have a family come for thier 6wk postpartum with a chubby, happy baby, a mom with bright eyes and her family smiling.